At Craig Berns, we aim to offer something you haven’t been able to find before.

Maybe it’s the answer to a question. Why your highlights don’t look quite right (our color experts know), or why your haircut always falls flat (a Head Shape Matters-certified stylist has exactly what you’ve been looking for.)

Maybe it’s support. Maybe you or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer and needs a wig cut or a specialized skin care consultation. We have certified experts on hand to help with that, too.

Maybe it’s gorgeous color and high quality hair care that comes without the questionable ingredients. We work exclusively with Aveda Color and products—because we feel good about not just the results they deliver, but also about the integrity of the ingredients and the sustainable manufacturing process.

Maybe it’s connection. High-end products and services should never come at the expense of warmth and comfort—so we make sure they don’t.  

Maybe it’s just a moment to yourself. (We know that’s hard to find.)

Whatever it is you’re looking for, we like to think we can deliver it.