How Do You Know You Are Using The Correct Shampoo? 

21 Jul How Do You Know You Are Using The Correct Shampoo? 

Source: Aveda

Source: Aveda

Lather, rinse and repeat—shampooing couldn’t be easier, right? If you love your shampoo, and it’s formulated correctly for your hair’s needs, then the answer is probably yes.

But if you’re like the many people whose shampoos are good, but not great, it might be time for an update. How can you tell if your shampoo isn’t quite hitting the mark? Well, your hair and scalp will let you know. Here are some indicators that it’s time to upgrade your routine.

Warning signs to watch for

  • Your scalp is itchy.
  • Your scalp has noticeable dandruff or flaking. 
  • Your hair is oily at the scalp area and dry everywhere else.
  • Your hair color is dull. 
  • Your hair color fades too quickly.
  • You have to shampoo every day.
  • Your hair is hard to style. 
  • Your hair is too dry or frizzy.
  • Your curly hair is not really curly anymore. 
  • Your hair is thinning. 
  • Your scalp has small, hairless areas. 
  • You’re finding more and more hair in the tub after you shower.
  • You care about toxic ingredients and you haven’t checked out what you are using. 
  • You care about animals and you don’t know if your brand is cruelty-free.

If one or more of these indicators apply to you, it’s time to change your shampoo. It may be surprising to hear that shampoo can affect your scalp, your hair condition and even your hair’s thickness, but the good news it that once you figure out what shampoo is best for you and your scalp, your hair’s condition will improve.

Help from the pros

Here at Craig Berns Salon Spa, we can answer all your hair and scalp questions. Stylists are not magicians (we wish!), but we do have extensive training in this exact subject, and we are ready to assist you. Soon, we’ll even have a high-tech scalp camera to give you an in-depth look at your scalp and address its unique challenges. 
It doesn’t matter how much or how little you pay for your shampoo and other hair products. If they aren’t correctly formulated for your hair type, you’re throwing money and product down the drain. Luckily, we can help (you, your scalp, your hair and your pocketbook!). A 15-minute consultation is complimentary, and an in-depth 30 to 45 minute scalp camera consultation is just $30. 
Stop wasting money, and start loving your hair again. Call 262.646.7406 to schedule your consultation.